Assisted Living,

We want you full.
That's our only goal.

- Lead Generation for Assisted Living -

"If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you. "

Our Lead Gen Method:


The first step is to go and find your potential customers where they are currently hanging out online. For many of your target market, that is on Facebook and Google.


Next we engage them by offering them something of value in exchange for their e-mail address. Usually that is a useful freebie like a tour checklist or a local guide to placement.  


Then comes the powerful part. We very intentionally and specifically teach and build trust with these people that we have engaged with. We nurture the relationship. 


At just the right time, we take the leap to INVITE them to something in person. It can be an event at the facility, a meal for the public, or a one-on-one tour.


Finally, we do all we can to help you with the close. We do sales training for you and your staff so that your close rates can increase and we make sure that the process feels easy and comfortbale for all involved.

Increase Your Occupancy Levels

Anytime a bed sits empty it is just lost revenue. 

You know that. But you have a lot going on. 

That is where we come in! With our proven lead generation strategy we will get those phones ringing and tours happening at an even higher rate than normal. 

The speculation is over. More and more people are searching online for senior care services. Don’t be left behind. 

What normal websites are lacking


They are passive

A normal website just sits somewhere on the internet waiting for people to find it.
Our lead generation strategy includes going to find the people that you are targeting, and then reaching out to help them right away.

They share info once

On average, a client needs to have 7 interactions with you before they feel comfortable enough to buy from you. Our proven strategy includes lots of touch points so that the family member feels comfortable by the time they even set foot in your facility.

They tell the wrong story

Usually a facility website will include info about the location and some about the care. What families are looking for is 1. food and 2. activities. That, and stories and testimonials need to be the main point of your website. People connect to a story.

Always Vertical Lead Generation
is right for you if. . .

  • You are looking for a better way to market your assisted living facility.
  • You want to be at the front of the curve.
  • You aren’t comfortable being complacent
  • You are pro-growth. 
  • You strive for 100% capacity. 

Do You Have Empty Beds?

Then you are loosing out on a ton of money.

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