What is Lead Generation for Assisted Living?


We know from personal experience how hard the assisted living industry is. And, we know how frustrating placement agencies and online lead generation sites like A Place For Mom and Caring.com are. We wanted to create something that would make getting residents faster and easier for our clients. We searched high and low the different marketing tactics, and this one blew us away. So, we gathered up the people who knew how to do it and we made something incredible for you.

Here is how our Lead Generation Method works.

FIND: The first step is to go and find your customer where they are hanging out online. It is crucial to go to where they are instead of waiting for them to come to look for you. For many of your potential families, this will be on Facebook and Google. It is very easy to run targeted ads for Facebook and see their performance. We love this platform, and close to 80% of baby boomers (who are usually your target market) are active on Facebook so it’s a great place to find them!

ENGAGE: The second step is to Engage. We get them to notice us by a great picture and an intriguing story that they connect to. Then we offer them a useful freebie that they need enough that they are willing to exchange their e-mail address for it. Some examples of things we have used in the past are tour checklist, free community resources, and a local placement guide.

NURTURE: Next we spend time nurturing the lead. This is what really sets us apart. We do not just immediately send the information to you and make you do the rest of the work. Instead, we continue to work for you by sending a specific set of e-mails to this person. They have been designed to make sure they are useful, short and interesting. We want to make sure you are providing value to this person and that the emails are building the relationship instead of asking anything from them.

INVITE: Then at just the right time, we will invite them to an in-person meeting. This can be a community event, a meal at the facility or a one-on-one tour. This invitation comes ONLY after we have provided sufficient value to them and built up a relationship of trust.

CLOSE: We all know that leads do no good if you don’t close the sale. Since we aren’t in your facility, we can’t do the close for you, but we came up with the next best thing. We have sales training from the best closers we could find to help your sales team to close the sale. After this short and impactful course, you will see an increase in close rates.

So, now you know all five parts of our Lead Generation method and we recommend that it be an integral part of your assisted living community marketing strategy. Our only goal is to keep you full.  Just click here to schedule a time for us to discuss what we can do for your community today.

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